The Watershed a documentary by Mary Trunk

Director: Mary Trunk
Producers: Mary Trunk, Paul Sanchez
Director of Photography: Paul Sanchez
Original Music: Roland Kniese, Rich West
Editors: Mary Trunk, Paul Sanchez
Post Supervisor: John Trunk
Fiscal Sponsor: Bay Area Video Coalition
Additional Crew: Julie Trunk, Roger Udwin
Music recorded at: Catasonic Studios Engineer: Mark Wheaton
Musicians: Emily Beezhold, piano Jessica Catron, cello
Web Site Design: Seth Holtgrewe
Funding: Fleishhacker Foundation, Cynthia Siegel, Arti Kirch, KQED San Francisco
"Butterfly Ballad": Written by David Knowles
     Performed by Anchor Tattoo:
          Daniel Fisher - Drums
          Andrew Innes - Percussion
          Gene Cawley - Bass
          David Knowles - Acoustic Guitar
          Mark Rozzo - Electric Guitar

Thank you:
Therese Adams, Mindy Aronoff, Charlotte Baker, Pamela Bell, Kristin Carter, Kiera Coffee, Ben Davidson, Kate Duhamel, Jennifer Fisher, Stephen Fowler, Jona Frank, David Garden, Doculink, Gene Holtan, David Knowles, Lotta Larsson, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Silvia Luna, Charlotte Moore, Diane Nelson, Marisa Olson, Patrice O’Neill, Barbara Parker, Betsy Parker, Rental Express, Mirjana Risek, Carl Rusk, Greg Ruzzin, Elizabeth Sanchez, David Shohl, Don Stannard-Friel, Roger Udwin, Jim Van Buskirk, Carl Weichert, Lou Weinert, Al Wong, Liza Xydis, Tim Zgraggen

Very special thanks to my family:
Paula Gilmartin, John E. Trunk, Maggie Light, John Trunk, Lizzie Udwin, Jennifer Welch, Andy Trunk, Julie Trunk, Florence Flanagan, Fran Flanagan, Kevin Flanagan, Mike Flanagan, Ellen Flanagan, Dan Flanagan, John Gilmartin, Michael Gilmartin

Mary Trunk - Director, Producer, Editor
Mary Trunk began her career in the arts as the Artistic Director of the Trunk Co. Movement Theatre, a San Francisco based performance group which used dance and film in elaborate theatrical productions. The ensemble performed throughout the Bay Area and the US for over ten years. While pursuing her MFA in Film at the San Francisco Art Institute, Mary wrote and directed short films that combined her dance expertise with storytelling. The films screened at various festivals and venues around the country. “The Watershed” first began as a screenplay and Mary won a spot at the Ledig House Writers’ Residency in New York to refine the story. Mary realized while researching the story and speaking with her family that the film and her family were far more compelling than fiction and she switched her focus to documentary film. “The Watershed” took Mary six years to complete and this is her first feature length film. Mary recently completed "Collaboration and Constraints," a short documentary film that accompanies The Roberts Street Chaplet Project in Fargo, North Dakota. You can view the 18 minute film by visiting the following website: "Plain Art" is Mary's second documentary feature about six architects and one painter who collaborate on an ambitious public art project. Please go to to view the trailer. Her next documentary project, "Lost In Living," is about four women reconciling their identities as mothers and as artists.

Listen to Director, Mary Trunk, discuss "The Watershed" with Rosie O'Donnell on Sirius Radio

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Paul Sanchez - Cinematographer, Producer, Editor
Paul Sanchez has been working in the motion picture industry for over ten years. He immediately began working in the camera department as a Camera Loader and quickly worked his way up through the positions of Focus Puller, Camera Operator and now Cinematographer. Paul has provided his unique talents to over 20 feature films, including “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Patch Adams,” “The River Wild,” “Star Wars Episodes One and Two,” “Million Dollar Hotel,” “Identity,” and “Matrix Reloaded.” He has worked as a Director of Photography with such Directors as Wim Wenders, James Mangold and Alexander Payne. Paul has been involved with “The Watershed” from the very beginning. His clear vision and constant support helped shape the film. He and Mary produced and edited the film together bringing more than 60 hours of footage to the 78 minutes it is today. Paul and Mary have worked together on many projects. Paul is a percussionist and created many original musical scores for Trunk Co. Movement Theatre and for film projects of his own.

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Roland Kniese - Composer
Roland Kniese has been creating original musical compositions in various forms, ranging from electronic music to classical chamber works, since 1983. In 1984, with Paul Sanchez and John Muir, he formed “Exquisite Corpse,” a multi-art musical performance group that performed throughout San Francisco and often accompanied productions by Persona Grata Productions. Exquisite Corpse was considered pioneers in the implementation of alternative instruments, ranging from a lid organ built of kitchen pot lids and electrical conduit pipes used as horns. He is the founder of “Black Swans, “ an ensemble of musicians who are locally acclaimed in San Francisco for their haunting and seductive tango-esque sound. From 1987 through 1997, Roland and Paul Sanchez composed a variety of original works for Mary Trunk’s dance/theatre company, Trunk Co., often performing live with the company. Since 1997 Roland continues to perform and create new works with “Black Swans. “ He also composes original chamber works and sound tracks for films. He was just recently accepted as a Masters Candidate in the Music Department at San Francisco State University.

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Rich West - Composer
Rich West is a composer and drummer living in Los Angeles. He has
improvised and played with several groups from all over Europe and the U.S.
In the early 80's he was a member of the band Box O' Laffs which included
many of the original members of the popular college band Camper Van
Beethoven. Another college band West founded, Wrestling Worms, was one of
the first acts to be recorded with the Camper Van Beethoven record label Pitch
A Tent. West has continued his involvement with the rock scene in L.A. with
occasional forays into avant garde jazz. He has played and recorded with
artists such as Mike Watt, Graham Connah, Wolfgang Fuchs and Eugene
Chadbourne. He also leads several groups in the L.A. area, in which he melds
composed elements with improvisation. West's upcoming CDs, "Bedouin
Hornbook" and "Rich West's Known Universe," will be out in February 2004
and the Summer of 2004 respectively. "The Watershed" is his first
soundtrack event.

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